Do you need home repairs that are affecting the health, mobility and safety of you or someone you love?

Home Repair Services offered at Senior Services provide home modifications and repair services that will make living at home easier and safer for older adults, adults with disabilities, and caregivers alike. Services help older adults and adults with disabilities remain active, mobile, and independent where they choose to live and alleviate the fear of aging in place. The Home Repair Program is funded in part through a Community Development Block Grant in partnership with the City of Kalamazoo. In order to continue to meet the growing need of services and support to vulnerable individuals throughout Southwest Michigan, we welcome and encourage donations.

Under the direction of licensed staff, the nationally recognized, Tuesday Toolmen are the heart of the Home Repair program. Weekly the volunteer Tuesday Toolmen are available to build ramps and provide minor home modifications such as, grab bar installation, door lock adjustments, weather stripping— just about any minor repair or improvement that would make an older person’s life more comfortable. The program does not offer remodeling or renovation services, such as painting or major electrical or plumbing work.

Various options are available throughout Southwest Michigan; availability of services is dependent on the type of repair, the County the individual resides, funding options, and the circumstance of the request.

For more information on the Home Repair Program and to see if you qualify for services in your area, please call us at (269) 382-0515 or click here.

Home Safety Checks

Home Safety checks are available in Kalamazoo County and are privately paid services. The goal of the safety checks are to ensure homes are free from hazards that may hinder an individual’s ability to remain safe and independent.  In-home visits are performed by our highly qualified staff and available on a need- to- be basis or scheduled quarterly.

The comprehensive review explores the homes foundation, accessibility, fire hazards and much more. Individuals also receive recommendations on ways to minimize the risk of injury, home-safety tips, opportunities that may enhance their mobility throughout the home, and resources and referrals as needed.

Handy Helper Services

Handy Helper services are available in Calhoun County and available to assist with small home improvement projects that can help individuals remain independent in their home and maintain a safe living environment. Replacement of door locks, changing light bulbs, cleaning household appliances, and snow removal are a just few examples of how Handy Helper services can help.

Individuals must be 60 years old or better and be at or below 200% of poverty. If above 200% of poverty, services may be available on a donation basis, but is subject to your household income and the number of individuals in the household.

To request Handy Helper services and for more information, please contact us at (866) 200-8877

Emergency Home Repair Services

Emergency services are available for critical home repairs when individual’s health and safety are at immediate risk. Emergency services only cover certain types of repairs and accessing services may vary on availability of funds and dependent on the area the individual resides.