Community Transition Services


Returning to community based living after residing in a nursing home can be a daunting task.  Now with the help of the MI-Choice

Waiver Program, nursing home residents that are receiving Medicaid may be able to return to their home, live with a family

member, or move to an assisted living/AFC home of their choice and receive in-home supports to keep them home safely.


Our Community Transition Specialist is available to discuss and assist you with the following:



  Eligibility guidelines

  Housing options

  Services & supports that may be available after a nursing facility transition
Additional long-term care resources


If you or someone you know wants to LEAVE THE NURSING HOME.

Contact Sarah Cagney to receive more information or set up an in-person meeting.

(269) 382-0515 or (269) 744-6344


CLICK HERE for our Community Transition Services Brochure



Funded in part through Medicaid funds provided by the
Michigan Department of Community Health